Candida Cleanse: Candidiasis Cleansing To Remove Yeast Infections

Candida Cleanse: Candidiasis Cleansing To Remove Yeast Infections 2018-01-18T20:22:05+00:00

When we talk about candida and cleansing the body we first must determine the nature of the yeast overgrowth. There are two distinct types of candida overgrowth and each presents with unique issues and requires detox at different levels. Localized yeast overgrowth, confined to the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, can often be addressed effectively with probiotics, herbal supplements, and even a prescription for an anti-fungal. Once however, the candida escapes the digestive system and becomes systemic throughout the soft tissues, most of the previously mentioned support will not reach the sites where the yeast is growing and hence cleansing the body of excess yeast and candida will be ineffective.

The best candida cleanse we have developed uses an oxygenated Aloe Vera supplement, which raises the oxygen level of the soft tissues significantly. Since the candida organism is primarily anaerobic (it does have some small ability to adapt to oxygen but this is very minimal) we can effectively eliminate the yeast overgrowth and hence cleanse the body ‘from head to toe’.

“Candida is a genus of yeasts and is the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide.”


Once the candida has been effective eliminated from the soft tissues we can then take steps to ensure that such overgrowth does not occur again. Our program of liquid oxygen is the best candida cleanse we have ever used simply because oxygen travels to every cell of the body and thus address yeast overgrowth no matter where it is located.

Both local and systemic candidiasis can present with many symptoms and annoying side effects anywhere from minor irritations to major debilitating health concerns. Fortunately hyper-oxygenation of the body is effective in both instances and carries no side effects whatsoever. Once the body is cleansed from the candida overgrowth the symptoms often disappear rapidly. Die-off from our candida program is usually minimal or non-existent due to the special buffering factors built into our Oxygenated Supplement that we use for candida.


Candida, Liquid Daily Oxy Aloe Flush Kit for the elimination of Yeast and Candida
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